Everything is but temporary

The World of Form | words from a pure creative

Today I woke up with this feeling that life is but temporary.

We are here a fleeting moment, and that things don’t stay the same, they are just moments.

It got me thinking that perhaps I had been living life in an illusion before, what I thought was real was but an illusion alluding to something that did not exist and it was something that I had given meaning to in my mind but had it existed for real at all I wonder.

It got me telling myself in fact everything is a possibility, therefore I am free.
Free to dream, free to explore, free to discover.
The possibility of living. A life, that is mine that I owe to myself the responsibility to live the life that I am here to be.

A functioning mystic. A creative artist, a mother. A film maker. I want to work with the best. Bring out the best. In pursuit of a creative vision, the creative goal, to manifest the dream, a place where people are respected and honoured. To breath comfortably, to shine in their own right, to be their own person, a living light, a pure being in essence true to who they are, to provide this framework of artistic endeavour, to not give up, to be themselves, with harm to no one, lost souls to be given the space to rest happy in pursuit of their dreams, to have fun and smile.


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