The Kiss


Inspired by the play of light and shadow as the natural light shone above onto a ceiling and overlapped a shadow like a moving eclipse, inside a beautiful museum in Barcelona.

This first painting inspired the series.

Acrylic paint on Linen Board 12” x 12” 



Inspired by the writer and thinker Proust and the Madeleine moment on memory and remembrance.

The Madeleine Moment

Read article above, also known as Proustian Memory from the first volume of :

In Search of Lost Time 

previously this masterpiece also translated as ‘Remembrance of Things Past’.

Which brings me to this amazing sound masterpiece by a musical artist, Serbian factory worker-turned-synthesist Abul Mogard All Things Have Passed Forever

It’s 16mins long.

If you like what you hear there’s more here . The Purpose of Peace is beautiful.

Try Unarmoured Love loud, and allow it to take you over.

Acrylic paint on Linen Board 12” x 12” 

The Towers


Began life as a microscopic vision of wings inspired by Wim Wenders movie Wings of Desire but I kept turning the canvas around and the painting evolved into Towered structures instead against a grey background inspired by reading Italo Calvino’s book Invisible Cities

Wings of Desire Trailer

If you haven’t seen the film it’s definitely one I recommend. Click on the link above to watch the trailer to get a taste, it’s beautifully made by a super-talented director/artist who certainly inspired parts of my creative vision.

The Photographers’ Gallery’s show of Wim Wender’s Polaroids titled Instant Stories showing over 200 of his polaroids for the first time was an instant hit.

Acrylic paint on Linen Board 12” x 12” 

Abstract ( Opaque No. 1 )


The curved Blue as starting point, I wanted this to be a more playful piece inspired by Australian artist Stephen Ormandy‘s paintings, his use of colour shape and form sometimes taken from his natural surroundings – I wanted to introduce the use of organic shapes juxtaposed around a square to create movement, dance and freedom.

Here’s a link to Stephen Ormandy’s website and to his new book ‘Only Dancing’

Acrylic paint on Linen Board 12” x 12” 

Thanks to Ferdy Carabott for the photography.

2016 – 2018

EDUCATION: Camberwell College of Art: Art Foundation 1994 |  Bath College of Higher Ed: Fine Art & Graphic Design 1995 | Middlesex University: Fine Art & Philosophy with Art Practice in the Community 1997 | London Metropolitan University: Studio Practice with Critical Studies & Time-Based Media 2007